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    I figure it would be good to have a compilation of tutorials and programming websites for everyone to have on hand. A lot of this is going to come straight from /r/learnprogramming’s sidebar but there’s some other sites that I’d like to share as well. I’m also sure that many of you have some handy bookmarks for things that you use regularly.

    I’ll make a few passes through this post when I get the time to do formatting and organization. I’m hoping to get a little bit of everything here from HTML to C++ to Bash. Please feel free to add links and discuss the pros and cons of different websites as well!

    General Programming

      Gist – An alternative to Pastebin. Great for pasting code snippets in many languages. Also, it points you towards github for version control.

      CarlH’s Lectures – A subreddit dedicated to those who want to learn programming. CarlH seems to have stopped writing new lectures but all the old ones are still accessible.

      Project Euler – A maths heavy programming challenge. Naive solutions are acceptable, but the program should finish in under a minute.

      Git Immersion – A site with a crash course in using Git for version control. Thanks Fuzzy!

      Learn RegEx The Hard Way – A spin on the “Learn the Hard Way” series that covers regular expressions. Learn to search and manipulate text like a champ!

      Coding Bat – Another site with programming challenges. Coding Bat covers Java and Python.


      C Programming –’s tutorial list. This page covers C and C++, as well as some more advanced things like working with OpenGL.

    C++ – Great tutorial for C++ programming. Endorsed by Fuzzy (and me!)!



      CodeAcademy – A useful site for learning to program through JavaScript. It also has challenges and social interaction.


      Learn Python The Hard Way – An online book from Zed Shaw. This is commonly recommended for people of all skill levels. The tutorials are very straightforward, but don’t pull any punches either.



      Learn SQL The Hard Way – Yet another “Hard Way” book, this one is for the SQL language and working with databases. I don’t think this book will teach you how to pull off SQL Injection. 😉

    Edits: Okay, I’ve included stuff for some of the most common languages out there right now. I’ll keep adding things as I get around to it. Please continue to suggest more sites for the listing!


    Here’s where I learned to program when I was 12 years old:

    Everything you need to know about GIT and how to use it in a nutshell:


    @gravehorrorvacui wrote:

      Project Euler – A maths heavy programming challenge. Naive solutions are acceptable, but the program should finish in under a minute.

    I freaking love Project Euler. I need to solve more of those challenges.

    I mostly used Excel to solve the ones I did though. I should go back through and do them with Python or Java or something.


    Thanks for those links Fuzzy!

    Alti, I’m still working through it myself. I’m on the verge of getting to level one! If you haven’t been there in a while, they’ve added lots more challenges as well as achievements to keep you motivated. I’m one away from getting the decathlon achievement (solve 10 successive challenges). I believe Sirenfal is a big proponent of Project Euler and IIRC he asked me what level I was at once. I’m sure he’ll correct me with a few lightning bolts if he disagrees though. 🙂

    Also, can we get this stickied?


    Looks like I’ve only solved 23 or so of the problems on Project Euler. I didn’t put much work into it last time I messed around with it. I’mma get back into it tonight I think. 🙂


    I’ve found:
    to be quite useful for all the web languages

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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