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    So, I don’t want to complain about death. Especially when levels can easily be re-earned, but I just want to toss out there, that I would hope mods aren’t abusing their powers towards players.

    I was walking in my town, headed to my storage unit, roads were clear, then all of a sudden a huge gang of mobs just spawned out of nowhere and pretty much instantly killed me. When I came back, they were gone. I’ve never had that happen before. I’m not talking a couple. It was if they were being spammed at me. I did lose some weapons. The zombies looted it, but they were gone before I returned. Even though I respawn right where they killed me. They were there….then instantly gone. No burning. Just there, attacked me. Gone.


    I know a mod was running around our town invisible yesterday or quite recently, which is fine. I have no idea if this was just some weird ass random glitch, or if a mod was invisible and playing a prank, but I’m going to ask you kindly, NOT to pull crap like that. It’s not funny. You may think so, but for us lower ranks with no powers to respawn what we lost, and are forced to re-farm our levels we worked for….it sucks.


    Edit: If it wasn’t a mod, then I have no issue here. šŸ™‚ I just want to make sure mods aren’t being complete assholes then refusing to reply in chat.


    The mob spawning is weird like that. One minute, there won’t be anything, and then BOOM! Mobs.

    As of the despawning, that is also normal. When you die, the chunk reloads or something something – long story short, mobs despawn after you die if you are the only player loading the chunks.

    It’s all good, no mods are ruining your day (in this instance that is. . .).


    We use to had a ton of mod trolling though it was usually made known at some point… I dont really think it was a mod though if it happens see whose online and ask… Not many of us will “power abuse” unless were on a fairly friendly level with that person. Sorry for you dying and losing your things if this is something of an issue for a lot of you then please let me know. People were talking about too many movs spawning and i reduced it and no ones mentioned anythin about dpawning again til now.


    No. I don’t have an issue. Death happens. Just how it happened was really weird. Ive never had that happened before. It was all glitchy too. There was tons of them. Just suddenly spawned and ate me.

    It’s no big deal. I’m over it.

    I just wanted to make sure that mods weren’t abusing their power. šŸ™‚

    I wasn’t sure. So I wanted to bring it up. I don’t mind mods goofing around. Just, dont kill me for laughs. I don’t find it amusing. At all.



    was it random mobs or all zombies?


    It was all zombies. They just abruptly appeared. All in one spot. Right on top of me. They just dropped. Killed me. Then were gone without a trace. I spawn in the building they killed me by. There was no burning. Anything. Just poofed. It’s okay.

    I’m over it now. It was just really weird, random. I lost a sword I had that was enchanted and 20 levels. But it’s a game. And minecraft at that. Dumb shit happens all the time.

    It really honestly just felt like someone invisible spammed a zombie egg though.

    I tried asking in chat, but nobody would respond.

    Oh well šŸ™‚


    Do you have an NPC village around those parts?



    I suppose I didn’t give that thought.

    I mean, I know they invade, I’ve just never had or seen zombies drop from thin air and all in one spot. Especially in the morning.

    It’s alright.


    Zombie sieges don’t obey any spawn rules – they can appear on top of you, in any light level even on half slabs. But a zombie siege will never occur in bright day. It’s always night. If you got swarmed in bright day, Iā€™d like to see logs because it is likely that in fact someone was trolling you.


    It wasn’t bright day. It was shortly after dawn. The sun was rising.
    Wasn’t dark. Wasn’t bright.

    I realize mobs are still spawned and roaming at this time frame. But the way they spawned in that moment was strange. Usually it happens a lot sooner. It’s just something I’ve NEVER seen before.

    But like I said. It’s no big deal. I’m over it now.

    However, if you want to check the logs. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings either.
    I can’t remember exactly what time it was. I think it was between 3-5 PM pacific . Sorry about the large window there. I just don’t remember the time.


    It was most likely a zombie siege. I’ve had them happen to me in the mid morning, just before the natural light makes the block light of the area 8. Pair that with the tweaks Ereh has done to the spawning rules, and surprise! Zombie buttsechs!


    Ha ha!

    Alright, well thank you guys for being responsive. šŸ™‚

    Silly zombies.

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