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    That is a photo I took of a bear that was literally 5 feet away (It may not look like 5 feet, but it is a very narrow driveway) Anyhoo, We had been watching this bear for some time from afar when he decided to come onto our deck, walk behind the side of our house, and come into our driveway. It was about a 8 foot drop so he would t jump down to charge at us. At one point though he did put one paw up in the air and squat as if he were about to charge at us, you can see my dad taking photos in the bottom left. He took pretty awesome photos and I will get those up once we can. In the mean time. I’m currently in the springs deep in the Rockies, tomorrow I will be taking a swim in the natural hot springs, in the mean time though I hope everyone’s summer is going well!


    Don’t get mauled please! 🙁


    @Stagen wrote:

    Don’t get mauled please! 🙁

    Or do. Whichever, really 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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