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    AnimalTags – Cardinal+

      Put any owned animal into a name tag by shift right clicking it
      Release a animal in a AnimalTag by shift right clicking a block with it
      Can trade the name tags with animals in, new owner can release them and if its a tameable animal it will set its owner to them
      Shift right click a animal with a book to read its stats

    Special Horses – Bishop+

      With enough rotten flesh or bones, you can turn any owned horse into a undead or skeleton horse by shift right clicking the horse with the item

    Elevators – Cardinal+ (may change)

      Block defaults to lapis block
      Space to teleport to closest elevator block above
      Shift to teleport to closest elevator block below

    BetterHoes – Priest+

      Break a crop with a hoe to auto replant it
      Right click a crop with hoe to auto grow crops and use bonemeal required
      Right click tilled soil with a hoe to plant any seeds in the next slot of your inventory
      Break sugarcane with a hoe to auto break the 2nd lowest sugarcane, will not break the lowest sugarcane
      Will never break any non fully grown crops
      Works in a 3×3 area

    Also sheep drop string in addition to wool when sheared. This doesn’t appear to affect the amount of wool dropped by shearing sheep.


    Don’t know if this was implemented before this plugin, but you can also silk touch spawners.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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