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    Can’t wait for this game to come out, as much as I’ll probably dislike the whole Origin/always-online thing. I used to play SimCity 3000 way back when, got introduced to it by my brother (who would spend months on single saves :P).

    It’s amazing how much enjoyment there can be in meticulously planning a city, expanding it, making trade routes… and then unleashing earthquake after earthquake on it until it collapses to the ground.

    Anyone else ever get the chance to play the SimCity series?


    I played a ton of SimTower and SimCity2000 back in the day. I was all about the Arcologies. I also all about using the Debug menu to summon monsters (ie. robots) to destroy them.
    Are you implying there’s a new game coming out??



    I never got around to checking out SimTower, I should probably find it sometime.

    And yes, there’s a new game coming out, and not a crappy thing along the lines of SimCity Societies (ugh), it’s supposed to be a legit Maxis-style Sim this time:


    i tried that game, but honestly i suck at it 😀


    Takes a bit getting used to, but SimCity is one game that I never felt I ruined my interest by using cheats – a little free money occasionally would help me stay on my feet. I suppose I didn’t really see it as a winning game, just enjoyed the building of the game.

    I used to also make custom maps with lots of waterfront surface area (strips of lands into the ocean) to keep my income up. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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