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    Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering if any towns/cities would be interested in connecting with a subway/train track underground? The first station is in the progress of being built at the Town of Deepmill, with one tunnel system excavated with a length of over 5000 blocks.

    If interested, post a coordinate I can bring a tunnel to. Once the tunnel is connected the respective town/city can create the station the way they wish/assist in laying the track.

    Thanks for your time!


    You might want to invest in putting this in the nether, it will be much faster that way.


    if this goes through, i can help build the stations >8D cant remember all who saw my rail hub-system thing on creative b4 it went down <,<

    edit* also place rank on name if plausible pls >.>


    I thought about it a bit, I think I would like to keep it within the main world and not in the nether. Partly because I don’t have a good understanding of the nether.

    If anyone from any town/city wants to setup a line, drop a coordinate so I can get a line excavated.

    Korus, that would be cool if you could set that up. Once I have a line up I’ll let you know so you can develop the system/stations.


    @foveo wrote:

    I thought about it a bit, I think I would like to keep it within the main world and not in the nether. Partly because I don’t have a good understanding of the nether.

    A nether block is equal to 8 surface world blocks, so distances are 8x shorter there. To correlate portal coordinates, divide the X and Y surface coordinates by 8 to get their respective nether coordinates. Height was the same, but not sure how coordinates above 128 are handled now.

    On the pro-nether side, 8x less track and track base.This adds up over longer distances. With an 8x shorter distance, both rail and foot traffic are 8x shorter and faster. This will also create easy access to nether fortresses, and other fine nether features. Putting in a couple rows of glass in the non-tunnel stretches makes for better viewing than being completely underground.

    On the con side, you’ll need to completely enclose the tracks when not in a tunnel, due to mob attacks. This will require a fair amount of cobble, or whatever. Will also need to create portal pairs at the stations, and coordinate their locations, which is actually pretty easy using the above method.

    Thats my $.02 on it.

    Extra thoughts:

    About correlating nether/surface portals; If there are other surface portals within (IIRC) about 300 blocks, you might pop out there if your nether/surface portals coordinates don’t match.

    Nether height. I’ve had a lot of success with running roads/rails at levels 70-80. There’s a fair amount of tunneling, and also some large open areas. Was seeing a lot of nether fortress road systems around level 70.


    Interesting, I never thought of using a the nether as a faster mode of travel for rails. I would be interested in seeing a setup.


    Neather systems make for a great way for quick travel. But they are a bit tricky to make look nice while also preventing zombie pigmen from spawning since light is not a deterrence for them. Also I think an over world system would be amazing just to see everything. Show off nice areas and what not, also it’d be alot more impressive as a group project done this way. Me and dantao had set up a system on my personal, mcnsa is down but i still wanna minecraft with muh buddies, server and it was just so much fun doing the Large stations near bases/towns and doing other smaller stations with roads that led off to smaller personal builds or smaller groups of people.

    That’s my call, I’d also be willing to help with this. As much as I can. Granted my minecraft time is sporadic but I can be quite a mole and provide some shiny iron and redstone (and get dantao to help me collect it as well).


    I suggest above ground in the overworld. Overworld makes it an epic project, and above the ground makes sure that any underground bases-mines-ect. are left intact. Also, I like how rose drags dantao into this. Very nice.


    Where I go, what I need when it comes to materials you know Dantao is usually there bouncing around watching, so i might as well put him to work.


    I have the station coordinates, so you can start building towards it. If connecting to Deepmill, the coordinates are -130, -1653.

    It seems the consensus is that it should be in the main playing world and not in the nether.

    The station at Deepmill is underground, partially because it will act as a large hub so would require a lot of space. The tracks will go above ground shortly after leaving the station. If your town/city wants to build above or underground, either are fine.

    If you are building a line, leave us your city/town coordinates!


    Do we have an overworld map available somewhere? I’ve been thinking about something like this for a long time and I’d love to link up!


    I’m not sure if it’s the same railway, but someone made a really cool underground railway with a stop in my town (it’s actually underwater where it goes next to the town). Again I don’t know if it’s the same one you’re building. The town is BBville, and the railway has a BBville stop. If this isn’t your railway, you might like to link up with it or something.


    I’m not aware of it being part of the system I’ve been building. Can you offer the coordinates to the end of both the tunnels? I can connect to the end that is closest to me.

    I’m not sure if we have an overworld map, but that would be great in planning the system if anyone has on/knows how to get one.


    I think an overworld map would have to be provided by the server people.


    In reply to foveo, I won’t be online until Friday afternoon so I can’t get you the coordinates yet, but as I said the town is BBville so if you know where that is you can check it out. If not, go to the place with the four portals in it – you know, where you spawn after the Spawn challenges. From there, face the ocean and Fuzzy’s ship (very close to that portal place). Follow the coastline up away from the portal room – not in the direction of the jungle. If you don’t see the underwater subway, you should soon see a fairly big town just a bit out from the mainland. That is BBville, and the train (minecart) stop is on the little island just in front of it, with the pumpkins. Those instructions might be a bit wrong, but anyway.

    Also, if Leonheart (Templar) is online, you could ask him to bring you straight there. He lives in BBville so he might be able to do that (well he made a house but I’m not sure if he sethome there).

    That’s all I can do for now. Hope it helps! 🙂

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