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      I know that coming in to MCNSA can be an overwhelming experience at times and not everything is made completely clear right off the bat. So I’m going to do my best to tell you how most things work. This will hopefully be an awesome and informative guide for both new and old players!

      Also quick shout out to Dotlizard for the player rank section. Megleris for the new /po8 commands he typed up. Warchamp7’s posts he had previously typed. As well as everyone else both mods and non-mods that help to make this place what it is, and keep it going.

    Table of Contents

    1. Welcome
    2. Player Ranks
    3. Useful Links
    4. Useful Commands
    5. Blocks Usable with Craftbook
    6. In-Game Events


      To MCNSA! We’re so glad you could join us and even more glad that you’ve taken the time to learn more about the server by joining our forums and reading up on it. We try our best to be an easy going community to share in good times and shenanigans. Our primary goal for this server is for people to have enjoy one another and have fun as a community. Don’t forget to stop by the introductions part of the forums found here. To introduce yourself to the masses so that we can all get to know one another better.

      Our survival server is where MCNSA has its roots. MCNSA is our survival server we enjoy having fun with everyone. You can play completely legit if you’d like or join in the crazy shenanigans that often come about, the choice is yours! Admins will do their best to not let players have advantages over other players, both new and old. We also pride ourselves on being a virtually grief free server despite the fact that we use very few protections aside from spawn, towns, and massive builds. We believe that with the ability to roll back any griefing done, in most cases, extra protections are not necessary. It helps us find players that we would rather not have on MCNSA. We remove them once they’ve been talked to and still just can’t grasp how we do things. In many cases, people caught griefing are given a second chance and become outstanding members of the community.

      We’re a hefty community that continues to expand furthering our reach now on several servers and multiple games. Because of this we keep in communication not only here and in-game but through:

    • Mumble
        Server Info:
        Port: 64738
        If you’re new to using mumble click here to learn how to set it up.

    • IRC
        Port: 6667
        SSL Port: +6697
        Channel: #mcnsa

    Player Ranks

      S.MCNSA.COM is a *survival* Minecraft server, and as such, advancing to a moderator rank is quite rare, and not something to expect over time. We really do try to stay true to the principles of survival gameplay, so handing out mod powers is best done sparingly.

      Mods have very general guidelines on promotions, but we consider a lot of different factors, so it’s very difficult to predict when or if a rank-up will happen — really, it’s best to just relax, enjoy the community and just have fun! Keep in mind that each rank inherits the previous ranks toys and abilities. So over time you just get more and more cool things to play with!

      Altarboy (white)
      You begin as am Altarboy. You are free to build (hint: far from spawn!) You have all the powers that are given by Notch to Steve with just a little extra kick! We use craftbook and so you will as well have the ability to use a lot of the features other players build, though you won’t be able to build them yourselves until later on. Roam the environment, find friends, enjoy the community, and we hope you stick around! If you do these simple things you’ll move up in no time to…

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]Everything given by notch; building, breaking, use of water, lava, tnt. /tpa is used to request a teleport to someone. You can set up to 5 homes, use /sethome ! Some extras are that you can use stair blocks like chairs by sneaking and right clicking the stair. There are also bookshelves that can show you a random quote from a book by simply right clicking it! You can restock any gate/bridge/door built using craftbook. You can as well operate any craftbook utility that a player has created using their craftbook perks, things like hidden switches, doors, gates, bridges, elevators, teleporters, so on and so forth!

      Other things that everyone gets to use from craftbook:
      Better Pistons
      Falling Ladders
      You can also use redstone on netherack to turn on a fire or pumpkins to light them up!
      Also if you'd like to know the light level of a block, simply right click it with a piece of glowstone![/spoiler:33fmsv4j]

    Priest (Yellow)
    With the rank of Priest comes some new abilities! You’ve stuck around and continued to be a great player. You gain some nifty abilities to help you enjoy the server even further. Keep being awesome, and soon you’ll be promoted to…

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]Priest have the ability to have 7 total homes.
      Format signs, use /help colors as a reference.
      /mail to send and check your mail.
      /kit onefuckinggrassblock. This gives you one grass block.
      Light Switches
      Cooking Pots
      Painting Switcher[/spoiler:33fmsv4j]

    Elder (Orange)
    Welcome to being an Elder. You’ve stuck around and now you’re starting to get some cooler toys to play with!. You’ve made some friends, you’ve had some laughs, you’re one of us. One of us. One of us…

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]You now have a total of 8 multiple homes!
      Use /hat to place the block you're currently holding onto your head!
      Small Gates
      Hidden Switches

    Cardinal (Teal)
    Not everyone makes it this far, though if you had you’ve managed to make quite the impact! You’ve become quite the player here at MCNSA and most probably are well liked and well known. We all appreciate your constant support and enjoyment of the server and community! For this you receive even more toys!

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]Homes? Thats right you get 9 total homes!
      Using /back or return will now bring you back to your last location of death, or teleportation.
      Gates (Same as orange but can be even larger)

    Bishop (Pink)
    The pinnacle of MCNSA player-hood, becoming Bishop. You’ve stuck around so long you’re starting to smell a little ripe…Though with this continued awesomeness, love, and support of all things MCNSA we salute you and offer you even more abilities to further you experience, and hopefully those around you as well.

      Abilities: [spoiler:33fmsv4j]House on the lake? Check. House in the Mountains? Check. A tenth house? Check.
      This won't seem like a lot at first, but once you dive into it, you'll see how vast of a bump this is.
      All Minecart abilities from Craftbook[/spoiler:33fmsv4j]

    Mods can promote players to all the player ranks, as long as there’s consensus — but only nsanidy and Ereh_Dogon promote to the mod ranks. Anyone above Bishop was put there specifically by the big guys themself.

    Saint (Moderator, Light Blue)
    Arguably the prettiest of the rank colors, Saints are full of … moderating abilities, and have a dazzling array of [s:33fmsv4j]toys[/s:33fmsv4j] tools at their disposal. It is a Saint’s sworn duty not to break things, and to be very sorry when they do anyway. At Saint+, you have your shopkeeps, your infrastructure designers, your event planners — a lot of people put a lot of time into this place.

    Templar (Administrator, Light Green)
    Templars are regular people who might put their pants on one leg at a time, if they were wearing pants. As admins, it is well within their right to go pantless as they administrate. On a more serious note, Templars have a lot more powers than they’re allowed to use, and are often caught up in an epic struggle between their better nature and their desire to turn things into pink wool.

    Templar (Root Administrators, Light Green)
    Root admins are considered Templars as well but are admins with backend access, if you know what I mean. This isn’t an expected next rank after being a normal Templar, as it requires a very specifc set of skills, skills they acquired … well, never you mind that. The point is, Root Admins have the same level of access nsanidy Himself does, and they keep the place running.

    Currently: nsanidy, Altimeter, Ereh_Dogon, maboughey, dotlizard

    Thou shalt not pester nsanidy. That’s what the mods are for, and you probably should try not to pester anyone at all, really. But if you simply must pester someone, make that someone NOT nsan.

    Peon (Dark Grey):
    Didn’t really want to include this one, as it’s not really a player rank — it’s more or less a holding status while we figure out a problem. Usually we’ll decide pretty quickly whether to reinstate you, or just go ahead and ban you. PLEASE DON’T TEASE THE PEONS, people. They cannot build or use items, they can only walk and talk.

    Useful Links

    Useful Commands


      /help – Helps you with commands and general information about MCNSA.
      /rules – Shows you the server rules.
      /motd – Shows you the current Message of the Day.
      /spawn– Brings you to spawn.
      /sethome – Sets your home to the current block you are standing on.
      /home – Returns you to your “Home Block” which was marked by /sethome.
      /modreq – Submits a report for admins to respond to and help you as needed.
      /whereami – Shows your current location and direction.
      /compass – Shows your current direction.
      /tpa – Requests to be teleported to the specified player.
      /tptoggle – Toggles off TPA requests.
      /rand – Rolls the dice!

    Donor Perks
    Our server is run strictly off of donations and with these donations come perks for each subscription which include but aren't limited to having a cape, /kittycannon, /backpack, /jump and a total of 10 homes. If you're interested in donating it can be found on the main page of our website by clicking here then clicking the “I Want To Help button located towards the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind that donations are handled manually and will not be given automatically. So please bare with us as we try to process your donations as soon as possible.

      /jump – Jump to the block you are looking at.
      /kittycannon – Launch a kitty in a spectacular explosion! (Non-damaging)
      /backpack – Have a chest that sticks with you, even through death.
      /sethome – You can set up to 10 homes.

    We have our own chat plug-in created by one of our Administators. These are a few helpful commands that you may or may not know to help you with chatting.

      /w, /whisper, /t, /tell – Whispers the player.
      /r or /reply– Automatically reply to the last person you whispered.
      /c – Move you to a channel, and creates one if it doesn't already exist.
      /S – Moves you to the Survival channel.
      /F – Moves you to the Flatcore channel.
      /E – Moves you to the FTB channel.
      /FS – Moves you to the Falling Sand channel.
      /T – Moves you to the Trivia channel.
      /WA – Moves you to the Wither Arena channel.
      /list – Lists the current players in the current channel.
      /clist – Shows you the current available channels you can join.
      /clisten – Allows you to hear the chat of multiple channels.
      /cmute – Makes it so you can't read what that person types.

    Light Weight Chest
    LWC is a protection plug-in we use to help keep players things safe. LWC can be used on any usable block. Switches, Furnaces, Chests, Doors, Signs, so on and so forth. Once you type in the command the next click block will have that LWC command issued to it.

      /lwc – Shows you the available commands and explanations.
      /cprivate – Places a private protection.
      /cpublic – Public Protection. Anyone can use it but only the owner can destroy or edit it.
      /cpassword – Creates a passworded protection.
      /cmodify – Modify an already existing protection.
      /cunlock – Enters a password to the next clicked usable block allowing you to access it if correct.
      /cinfo – View protection info.
      /cremove – Removes the protection from a block. Must be owner.
      Pieces of 8 Commands
      This is topic is still being worked on as Po8 has recently had a facelift.
      Po8 is a MCNSA specific currency plug-in developed by our very own. All the items within the shopbeing both bought and sold are completely 100% legit and nothing is spawned in by moderation abilities. It is an effort to keep people trading their resources. The plugin not only buys and sells items from players but can likewise be used as a traded item itself between the players. Here are a few helpful tips and commands when using Po8.
      /po8 help [page] – displays the Po8 help menu.
      /po8 balance – shows your current po8 balance.
      /po8 transfer [username] [amount] – Transfers Po8 to another player.
      /po8 info [Item name|held|ID:Data Value] – Checks the stock and price of an item in Po8.
      /po8 sell [Item Name|Held|ID:Data Value] [Amount] – checks value being bought/sold is for an item, and its quantity.
      /po8 sell – sells the contents of your sell chest to Po8.
      /po8 value – Adds the value of your sell chest, and tells you without selling the items.
      /po8 order new – Creates a new order, discarding the current one.
      /po8 order add [Item Name|Held|ID:Value] [Amount] – Adds the specific item to the current order.
      /po8 order list – lists the things that are you in your po8 cart to be bought.
      /po8 order remove [amount] [item] – Removes the specified item from the current order.
      /po8 order submit – submits the order to po8 shopkeeps for review.

    MCNSA Mod Pack Utility Belt [Currently not in the mod-pack.]
    These are default keybinds for the MCNSA Mod Pack

      Ctrl – Zoom in on screen
      Z – Zoom in on mini-map
      X – Increases map size
      M – Show mini-map options
      C – Create a new way-point
      Q – Show the utility belt


    Blocks useable with Craftbook

    Chairs can be made from both stairs and half slabs! Don’t forget to sneak and right click to use them.

    Bridges and Doors can use any of the following:

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]- Stone
      – CobbleStone
      – Wooden Planks
      – Wood Logs
      – Glass
      – Lapis Lazuli Blocks
      – Sandstone
      – Wool
      – Gold Block
      – Iron Block
      – Double Stone Slab
      – Half Slabs
      – Brick
      – Mossy Cobblestone
      – Obsidian
      – Diamond Block
      – Ice
      – Snow Block
      – Clay
      – Netherrack
      – Soul Sand
      – Stone Brick
      – Mycelium
      – Nether Brick[/spoiler:33fmsv4j]

    Gates can use any of the following:

      [spoiler:33fmsv4j]- Fence
      – Iron Bars
      – Glass Pane
      – Nether Brick Fence[/spoiler:33fmsv4j]

    [spoiler:33fmsv4j]We now have a multi-world plugin that gives us the ability to have multiple maps! With that we've right off the bat added Skyblock and Creative. A hardcore PVE map is in the works but is a project for down the road.

    To access these new maps you'll need to navigate your way to the new Universe Hub. You'll start by making your way to the Warp Hub.

    From here you'll want to look for the new addition to the warps that is using Quartz as its representation.

    And you're now at the Universe Hub! From here you can navigate to the different maps. These are subject to change, be altered, reconfigured etc.

    First up you may have made a wrong turn and will want to head back to survival you can do this by finding the large dirt/grass ball and heading inside.

    If you've come to explore your more creative side you'll want to head to the large white wool ball. It seems bleak and bland but we like to think of it as a blank canvas, accompanied with a goomba of course. I know you'll want to build a dick, and probably be a dick but please lets keep this to being creative and awesome!

    Now if you're here for the challenge of skyblock you'll want to make your way towards the skyblock island and take a step onto it, beginning your adventure.

    From here you'll be greeted with a small Skyblock hub that'll have the very basics laid out for you. Some of this is still a work in progress so please be patient. If you'd like to start or continue your skyblock then head through the left gate. If you'd like to restart your island from scratch (everything will be reset to zero) head through the right gate.


    In-Game Events

    [spoiler:33fmsv4j]Crafted by the hands of demi-gods an arena has been placed within our spawn. You can find these throughout the world, and those running an event will most likely direct you where to go. Though we also have an arena that hosts multiple mini-games. Complete with viewing areas, doors, lights, and sometimes snacks. Betting is also always encouraged. This arena was build to host mini-games that moderators will take charge of and run. These events aren't currently on a schedule and usually happen on a whim when we server is populated and there a mass of people excited to test their skills in the challenges ahead.

    More fun an exciting events are soon to come!

      Falling Sand / Falling Anvil

      The Idea is easy to grasp and the rules are simple! Avoid being trapped and suffocating to death in this fun and intense game of chance. Players enter the arena where a few layers of leaves are placed far above the players heads and several layers of sand / anvil on top of those leaves. The bottom layer is updated and the game starts! Players are to run and scurry around trying to dodge the sand and anvils falling from above. The last person left alive is declared the winner and under normal circumstances will receive a prize of glory.

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You will die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Run and walk but do not jump.
      3. Do not try to get on top of the sand.
      4. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      5. No PvP.
      6. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      7. Join /c FS or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.

    Falling Sand Reverse

      The Idea behind Falling Sand Reverse is to be on the TOP of the sand as it plummets to the ground. This adds a whole new level of skill as you can parkour your way to victory! The view is much different in this version of Falling Sand, you're way in the air and there is lava at your feet. Things are looking down. The same general goal is to be the last one left alive, or at least the last one to die. Do this and you'll receive a prize worthy of your skill.

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You will die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Run, walk, jump, and parkour!
      3. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      4. No PvP.
      5. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      6. Join /c FS or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.


      The Idea of Spleef is like breaking Ice…but with snow blocks! This game can be set up several ways including but not limited to team vs team with colored leather armor to represent each team or flat out free for all! You're given a shovel and placed far above the arena's floor and will surely fall to your doom if you can't break the blocks underneath your opponents feet. Succeed and find fame and glory, crowned as the victors and rewarded in epic loot.

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You will die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Run, walk, jump, parkour, be a ninja, and a warrior.
      3. Do not stack layers of snow blocks, building a “bridge” is fine however.
      4. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      5. No physical PvP the idea is to break the blocks and make them plummet to their death.
      6. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      7. Join /c Spleef or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.

    Rock Climbing

      The Idea is to climb to the top of the mountain first! This is a perilous parkour experience, that brings out your inner rage and persistence. A large rock is randomly spawned with stone, glowstone, and ice. Players hug the edge of the arena, and as soon as the parkour mountain is spawned, first to the top wins the marvelous prize!

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You may die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Run, walk, hop, skip, jump, and show your agility.
      3. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      4. No PvP.
      5. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      6. Join /c FS or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.


      The Idea of dice is there are six white tiles on the arena's floor each representing a different side of a die. This game of chance asks it of you to try and predict which numbers will not come up. Place yourself on the correct number enough times and be rewarded for your clever deductive skills. If you however choose poorly you'd find yourself in a pit filled with lava.

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You will die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Navigate to the number you believe won't come up in the roll.
      3. Pray for your number to not come up.
      4. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      5. No PvP.
      6. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      7. Join /c Dice or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.

    PvP Arenas

      The Idea is to kill everything. We've built a few PvP arenas that can be placed within the large spawn arena. Here you test both your mettle and metal. Under normal circumstances the weapons will be provided for you unless its a special event. The arenas can likewise be set up as individual PvP, Team PvP, or of course Free for All PvP. Slaughter your opponent(s) and to the victor goes the spoils.

      The Rules

      1. Come to the event naked. You will die, and your items will not be replaced.
      2. Run. Walk. Jump. Face-stab. T-bag. Do what it takes to kill your opponent.
      3. Do not use enderpearls to give yourself an unfair advantage.
      4. PvP is what you're here for.
      5. No block glitches or other exploits that may give you an unfair advantage over other players.
      6. Join /c Arena or whatever channel the mod dictates when participating the event.



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