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    I would like to personally thank all the mods for all of their hard work. Ridddle was telling me earlier about some upcoming stuff and I was actually really excited. The effort you guys put into this server (including Nsanidy) is massive and I think you guys deserve more recognition from the regular players than I think you are getting. I just wanted to post this as a thank you to the admins/mods/god that help run the server and keep it fun and interesting for everyone!


    I concur! I thought being an admin for aVo’s Forums was hard. I can’t imagine physically keeping an eye on players spread out over thousands of blocks! I remember I was an admin on a small server once and I didn’t get a moment’s peace then. So you guys must be rushed off your feet! All of my muffins for you guys!


    Was there at the same time as nightmare was on and I have to agree completely, thanks and carry on being awesome.


    Was not there at the same time as nightmare was on but I still have to agree completely as well, you mods are awesome, keep it up!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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