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    Iv’e lately been thinking about another great event to challenge the minds of the MCNSA members.
    I was hopeing something like this would come up, but i didn’t, so i though i would have a crack at it myself.

    The Big Build Comp is where different players go head to head in making a awesome creation for the public to gaze at in their spare time, there is any rank allowed but no world editing from mods and the creation can be made from any block of substance. I haven’t seen anyone about the comp yet, but i would like some feedback on it. Hopefully this does come to MCNSA, but is i told you, i haven’t mentioned it yet. This is just a simple idea. Anyone interested?


    Ok, ive spoken to Pyrotek, one of the very best mods and we agree that their will be lots of prizes. Their will be prizes for first, second and third. First prize it 1 stack of any item you wish to have and 3 diamond blocks. Second prize is 1 stack of whatever you want and 1 diamond block, and third prize it 1 diamond block. I’m really hopeing you guys get involved in this because it’ll be great. I will also see another mod for this.


    I have now spoken to Pyrotek and Octavian0 we all agree it’s a great idea and i shall get to work on it. The entry pics need to be posted on this Topic Page and they will be judged and rewarded on the 2nd of June so you’ve got lots of time to get building!!!


    Can we enter a building that is already finished? Or do we have to start a new one?


    If you do have a creation that has already been built then it is ok to enter it in the comp, so send it in if you like the intructions are just above.


    Ok then. I would like to enter my dojo style structure into the competition. I just finished it today. It is located at 2121, -1083. My first ever official build on MCNSA by the way :3
    1st picture: The front of the building.
    2nd picture: The rear garden showing off the large tower and greenery.
    3rd picture: A small tower located next to a small man made pond.


    Thanks for entering your brilliant creation into The Big Build Comp you will find out who wins by the 2nd of June. Be sure to tell your friends.


    Hello PortalMaster1000!

    I have an entry for the big build comp! I recently finished my tower for the competition. It’s a large tower with two spiral staircases forming a sort of helix with a dragon’s head at the top spitting fire.

    The following pictures show:

    1. ground level

    2. inside the tower

    3. the top of the tower


    I enter spawn into the competition.



    Thankyou for entering in The Big Build Comp it will be judged by the 2nd of June.

    Warchamp7, you can not enter spawn in the comp, because it was made by Mods and the Comp is only for non-mods. Sorry but thanks for trying.


    What horrible discrimination. I only used World Edit for a little bit of it!

    I was just kidding though 😛


    War, if it’s any consolation, I think you should be able to enter it. I mean, seriously? You’re f**king awesome 😀


    You think i’m awesome?


    talking to war 😛
    but i guess, though i haven’t met you in game :3


    Oh, ok

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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