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    When 1.3 hits, I plan to go big with the new map. 😀

    In fact, I want to go so big that I can’t do it myself. I want to help create an amazing city, and I’m looking for like-minded individuals to join the effort. Here’s what I have in mind:


    The unifying theme behind the city of Industria is to word hard, work smart, and amass tons of legit resources to do awesome things. The goal is to build the most glorious city on the server, using only legitimately-gathered materials.


    Located in plains (for relaxing views) near a jungle (for easy access to cool-looking wood). Ideally near a river.


    Grid-based city plan
    9×9 properties separated by 3-wide cobblestone streets
    Properties can be combined for large structures (e.g., 21×9, 21×21, etc.)
    Will start out at 10 properties by 10 properties (100 plots total), and will grow from there


    Primary materials are cleanstone, jungle tree, and glass
    Other tasteful materials may be used with the builder’s good judgment.
    Please, no tacky or goofy structures.


    Farms (wheat, melons, pumpkins, trees, sugar cane, cactus, etc.)
    Animal yards (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens)
    Expeditions (to gather resources from other biomes)
    Nether portal (for otherworldly resources)
    Workrooms attached to the Vaults (with furnances, workbenches, etc.)
    Library / enchantment room
    Mob grinders


    There will be an in-game “Orientation area” in the Industry City Hall that explains the basics outlined in this document.

    There will also be a community bulletin board for posting messages to each other (job requests, favors, praise, etc.).


    Below the surface, Industria will have an extensive mine system. The arterial shafts will be dug first, and the individual shafts will be marked so any citizen can come in and know where to work. There will eventually be a minecart system that leads directly to the Vaults.


    Industria will have a major warehouse underground. It will be easily accessible, but password protected and available only to citizens. The most valuable items may be stored separately in the Deep Vaults, and available to citizens only upon request (to discourage the temptation for theft).


    mrbananabird will be the first mayor
    other co-mayors will be chosen from early citizens
    only mayors will have access to the Deep Vaults (where the most valuable assets are stored)

    to become a citizen, ask a mayor
    official citizens will be listed on the community wall
    citizens will have access to the vaults
    must be a priest or higher
    must not have the ability to spawn items (sorry! legit only)


    Industria should be your primary residence (although you’re welcome to have cottages elsewhere)

    Do some respectable work every time you log in, whether it’s mining, farming, building, etc. Work hard, then play hard.

    All wealth is stored in the Vaults of Industry, and shared among the citizens. Take what you need, but no more.

    Use Industria’s resources for the glory of Industria. Make it awesome. Grow the city. Build the infrastructure. Make it an amazing place to live.

    If you build something that needs maintenance (e.g., a farm), place signs with instructions so those who follow can pitch in.

    Nothing inside the city borders can be spawned, or received from someone who spawned it. We work or trade for what we have.

    If you see someone with a plan, try to help them further the plan (mines, streets, buildings, etc.) instead of rejecting or modifying it.

    Be honorable in all things.


    I think this would be a cool place to live, work, and play.

    If you think it would be too, I hope you’ll join the effort. 🙂


    Hmmm me and a few people were looking to make a small town too. I might be interested, you wouldn’t mind me taking a peek when it is in its beginnings?


    I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN YOUR TOWN. It will help me play legit. Also if we disagree with you we can chomp your head off. ^__^


    “legit” good luck with that :3



    Forgot one big thing – NPC village to get access to trade.


    I can dedicate my hours to locating villagers, packing them into minecarts, and shipping them back to the township. 😉


    BFloop: You’re more than welcome to peek around as it starts to come together.

    Tana: You’re auto-mayored. Also, you can chomp my head off anytime. <3

    Riddd: Freaking yes, thank you for that! We’ll build a rail line between the village and Industria to make for easy commerce.


    Auto…mayor? AUTO-MAYOR.

    I now make it my mission to convince nooblets that I’m an NPC mayor plugin. GOOD DAY SIR, WELCOME TO ‘INDUSTRIA’, PLEASE TAKE A TICKET.


    @mrbananabird wrote:

    BFloop: You’re more than welcome to peek around as it starts to come together.

    Inspector Hector on the way 😀


    I’m in, just as long as I’m not obligated to do anything. You know I’m always up for sharing my excess resources, and I can build well too. In my case though, my primary priority when the server comes up after the new patch, is to set up a property of my own of course.


    This sounds awesome. I want to live there. Can I live there? 😀


    Sounds pretty cool, Bananana.

    I’d like to be in (and you all know how helpful I am for grunt work ;P)

    EDIT: I missed the no-ability-to-spawn-items part. Tis okay as long as I’m playing legit, right?


    If there is a massage parlour, im in. 😉


    You guys are all welcome, and I appreciate the interest.

    High-ranking players are certainly welcome as well, as long as they understand that any materials used inside the city walls have to be acquired legitimately. The entire city is based on the honor system, and MCNSA is probably the only server I would actually trust a system like that. 🙂


    Why does every town always have rediculously tiny plots? Go big, most time the city will only keep at max like 10 people that frequent that city, I say give them big properties with glorified streets! I’m thinking like 30×30 Let the people have a back yard! And the deluxe edition when you pay a monthly po8 fee you get 50×50!

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