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    Here is the 1,000 word essay that you have requested of me, for I have a want of my limbs.

    Limbs: some of the greatest, yet most forgotten and unpraised parts of the body that many of us are very privileged to have. Some of us, on the other hand, have been blessed by the generous donations of many to help repay a wonderful man that I am very privileged to know and am sincerely honored to be able to call him my “God”. Of course, I am talking of the one and only incredibly charming and commendable “nsanidy”. ¬¬This man has done a great many things that none of us could imagine possible until it has been brought into existence by his wonderful congenial soul that this earth has truly been blessed to be home to. Nsanidy: our beloved, amicable, enjoyable server administrator’s generosity and wondrous strength and intellect reaches to the highest of the highest mountains, to the depths of the deepest seas, to the stars above, and to the core of our very own earth.
    Limbs: why do I need them so badly, you’d ask? It’s very simple: My life has been just that much harder without them, and I would very much wish to have these back. Daily tasks that I used to do with no care, or that I used to not pay attention to require my utmost attention in the fullest now. For a few examples: washing the car. I can no longer reach the roof of the car. Holding towels in my mouth while trying to dry off water leaves much of the car wet, including dried water spots. Another would be making food/cooking, as well as making other things to drink. The costs of my general life have skyrocketed due to the reason of me missing my limbs, as well as the fact that I cannot reach many things that I need to, such as opening doors in my hours due to my legs being also similarly missing. Being already almost 16, and only being 5’2”, what used to be a small duty done without thought or a little strain are now strenuous tasks that leave me sweating and tired and often take much more time that could be used for other daily tasks that I would like to complete, such as glorifying you and your awe inspiring actions.
    Enough of talking about how your generous spirit and the sparing of a mere set of limbs would benefit my life greatly. I bet you’re wondering how the giving of this measly set of limbs could be beneficial to your life, and I think that I may be able to help you with that rather small problem that you would have. First off, the strain that you have from taking much care of this many sets of wonderful limbs that you must daily look after. Taking a set off of your hands would greatly lessen your load and in turn, give you more time to be a boss in front of your many, many adoring fans and loving members of the community that look up to your greatness as a widely known example for the perfect person that one must strive to reach someday, and that all so far have failed at this daunting, terrifying task. A very wise person, known as Judith Campbell, once said “When your heart speaks, take good notes.” This very simple quote is something that anyone in the world could attempt to add to their lives, but would fall short due to their self-qualities that many, if not everyone, in the world do not have like you do. The plentiful qualities that you have in your arsenal are special, and anyone that ever claims to have anything similar to it are simply liers. The work that you have put into your characteristics all of your life shows and radiates from you wherever you may happen to go in the world, or maybe even out of our world. That work you have done, has been perfected through your life. The time that I spend working through my perilous life would then be spent commending, appreciating, and adoring you for the rest of my life on the server as well as on the forums through physical work or mental advice and boosting. Physical work would be always done for your delight, your enjoyment, and for your pleasure. Anything not done to the greatest caliber that you have requested shall be reworked, and sent back in as soon as possible to the highest degree that I can possible manage to create with the imperfect set of human traits that I happen to possess myself. I may be criticized for my work by you, be creative criticism, and reworking will be done by yours truly for the limbs that I shall receive back will make the process for you only that much faster, as it will be my way of repaying you for being the generous man that you are. As long as you can give me back my limbs, as I do believe that if you do not think that I deserve them now I will prove you wrong in the very soon coming future through my praise for you. That praise would come through the social tubes of the interwebs that I have found and interacted with you on, which would be multiple places such as Minecraft, the MCNSA forums that you have so generously let me be a part of, the Avolition Forums that I regularly browse, and Skype, the quickest form of personal contact that you have let me take up an extra space on.
    These are just a quick writeup of what I will soon feel obligated to do for what is quite honestly one of the best people that I have ever come across, and one of the most admirable superiors that this universe, let alone this small rock that we live on, has ever seen in the history of time. Your tale shall live on and on, for generations will tell of the most fair and graciousof the gods that was ever known to man himself.


    You speak to me as if I am Xerxes. I do not approve of this message.

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