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    That is the question. So Det started this and I threw in some time at it today to make it nicer and now I want to make sure that before we persue something like this, that you think the juice is worth the squeeze.

    Here is the original forums post I’ve been keeping up:

    Here is the first crack at the wiki:

    Tell me your thoughts and if you’d like to help keep it maintained.


    I think it’s a fun side project that looks pretty useful so far. If we add too much information, we’ll have more trouble updating it as that info gets old. Right now, the information on the wiki page is really nice, though.


    Wiki would be a good idea to introduce people here to set in stone systems that MCNSA uses (example po8). While po8 isn’t always up, the interface is always the same. Once something becomes a standard MCNSA feature, move it there (btw, all for a wiki <3)


    I think this is a great move. There’s no use dedicating huge chunks of spawn or tutorial wings to topics that are best explained in text.


    I think a wiki is a great idea, with town, mod, and hub databases. It would be easier to direct new player’s questions to, and possibly easier to navigate, if made as so.

    I’ll also be happy to help in any way, if needed.


    I agree with Rogue here. That’ll free up quite a bit of space in the tutorial area to teach players about other cool things, like the properties of liquids.


    I think that it’s a lovely idea.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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