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    Well. Long time no see guys. I’m sorry but I’m leaving, I’ve probably posted this in the wrong spot in the wide world of MCNSA forums but ah well.
    Basically, MCNSA was once a wide prosperous field of joy and fun, building, building, blowing up shit then waiting for the new bukkit to come out and then do it all again except bigger, better and with new technology.
    For a while this was really exciting, I will forever remember the day when I noticed that I couldn’t place or break. Then in white writing across the screen “You have been demoted to peon until further…” I didn’t read the rest, all I could think was “Fuck, that has to be a record, 2 hours and an automatic demotion…” But this wide fun prosperous time has come to an end for me… I hope it’s just me that’s lost the fun…
    Anyway, so I just walked around and made small talk to a few people but noone really noticed me, which was pretty understandable considering I had stolen 6 diamonds and turned them into tools… But anyway, I received a message saying “You have been behaving yourself quite well, you haven’t raged or complained yet, keep it up”
    I sort of ignored the message and kept walking, scabbing off people for food and looking at builds, the next day I was challenged by nsan to make an exact 300 word document on how awesome he was, of course I used notepad (*facepalm*) and I couldn’t word count so it ended up being 305, but he gave me a double promotion to Altarboy, he was originally going to give me Priest from Peon, which in my memory (don’t laugh, I do have a brain believe it or not) would be the only Triple promotion in the whole of MCNSA history.
    So after this I built inside the small town of (I think it’s Mootopia or something close to that).
    Anyway I built a humble home and this little town consisted of cubemylife, A_FLEMING, DiamondDragon26, Boncottled, Woparsons and myself. These are all my friends outside of this by the way ( I later found out that I stole the diamonds off Wop, who’s a friend from school, guess how awkward that was… O_O)
    I kept coming back to my home and BAM it’s gone, and spawn was changed, I later found out that 1.2 came out… I was a young, stupid grasshopper back then.
    So then in 1.2, I made BBVille, basically the Detroit of MCNSA, 200 blocks away from spawn I could also be known as the grief police, people just came right over and griefed and then I just called a mod over and then there would be either another peon or another guy to add to the ban-list.
    1.3 I lived with vasili123454321. In our little hobbit hole we made a fortune, and then we nearly crashed the whole server because he fell asleep at the computer while the grinder was on, it took over half an hour to clear all the skellys, and Ham is just sitting there going ‘WTF is going oooooooooon!??!’
    So then 1.4 I ditched MCNSA and went to play shit like MCSG, Hive MC and other ridiculous game modes.
    1.5 I was back in action on the forums “Necroposing shit” and practically pissing Leon, grey and riddle off. All at once, it takes great skill to accomplish this feat.
    And now its 1.6.2 I think, and all MC does to my computer is either make it shit itself or lag the whole thing.
    Although I’ve completely left Minecraft I will always keep memories of all my feats, failures (There’s a lot of those to remember, trust me), hilarious rank up sprees and people rage quitting.
    I would like to thank anyone Cardinal+, you probably know me as the guy saying. “I’m bored”, but although people I knew as guests are starting out rank me I really think they probably deserve it more than me.
    I really didn’t deserve altarboy at the start, and I got Cardinal for no apparent reason, I got Elder too easily as well. Dot also pointed out that I keep hinting at a rank up, so any mods reading this probably have an automatic assumption that I’m a dick.
    For anyone that took the time to read this (A) thanks and (B) thanks again, this is goodbye. I really want to thank dot for pointing out that I’m a dick, and for making that awesome server that gave yourself the blue screen of death (Good times). Leon for his Leonhe-art (1.2 and cool WE, nuff said.)
    Thanks to whoever put up with me, that’s a relatively difficult thing to do.
    Thanks to nsan for being drunk and deciding to log on for hilarious rank up sprees.

    Thanks to however donated me mass amounts of cobble stone for my ridiculous castle that I made that really didn’t look as good as I thought it would.
    Thanks to nsan for putting up with massive internet bills for hosting this server in his bloody living room.
    Thanks again for reading this.
    This is my story. And this is probably the last you’ll see of me.


    @BainsyLive wrote:

    “Fuck, that has to be a record, 2 hours and an automatic demotion…”.



    @BainsyLive wrote:

    1.5 I was back in action on the forums “Necroposing shit” and practically pissing Leon, grey and riddle off. All at once, it takes great skill to accomplish this feat.

    Someday… I will find this post and necro it just for you…

    @BainsyLive wrote:

    Leon for his Leonhe-art (1.2 and cool WE, nuff said.)

    Good times had by all!

    All in all, enjoy all of life’s journeys man… Don’t be afraid to walk down the path less traveled but don’t also be afraid to follow in the footsteps of others. See you next time space cowboy…


    Necro’d my own post :3

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