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    I fully accept my first offence, as I deserved being punished for that one.
    (I was low on health, and sought shelter in a guys house. His dispenser proceeded to kill me, and i lost some pretty good armor and a diamond. I was upset, so i broke all his windows. I figured a mod would replace them, and he did. I made nice with the house owner, and was attempting to fix a creeper hole I caused previously)

    I spent my time as a peon, and was good-spirited about it (Silence6 and Trolling1856 can vouch for that)
    When i was unbanned, I decided to start anew, and build a new life. I also figured that since i caused the damage to his house, i needed to fix it. I needed wood, so i went and got supplies. I ran in to on my way back The_Funnyman-forgottherest, being chased by a creeper. I killed the creeper for him. Maybe he didn’t like that, because he pulled out his sword and started to attack me. Naturally, i fought back, and won but did not kill him, and let him go back to his house. I then proceeded to the once-greifed house to fix the floor and walls, when he comes out in full iron, sprinting at me. I ran and ran, and he chased and chased. I lured him to being killed by a skeleton, and used his death to talk to him and explain. He said nothing. I even gave him a cookie! He continued to chase me until I lost him in a nearby fortress, and ran back to the house i was fixing. He logged off, and i then near-instantly got a message from the mod who unbanned me to go here, and half a minute later, *poof* I was banned.

    I completely it deserved the first time, but the PvP incident was out of nowhere, and I thought i was helping him by killing the creeper, not angering him. He never said a word or responded in any fashion to my signs, messages, or offering of a thrown cookie. He just tried to kill me. Was that really ban-worthy? I didn’t even kill him, just kept running and running. The skeletons? He could have stopped chasing me, or said “Hey, i wanted that creeper alive” and he wouldn’t have died then. I even let him get his items back. So, why? Why was i banned. even if I am not unbanned, can i at least know what i am being charged with? I like your server, and LOVE your flatcore one, and would like to continue playing on them.

    *Edit* It was Butlerlog who both de-peoned me and banned me


    I banned you as just before there was a modreq of someone saying they had seen you breaking into their castle, and it seems indeed they did. Inside the castle with holes made by you next to the doors there was a sign made by you stating that you were “terraforming” their castle, which seems to be a jokey euphemism for griefing it. There were signs next to it by the owners asking you to leave. At the time you were being trolly in the chat so I presumed you were simply there to troll and grief.

    However I feel I have made a misunderstanding for which I apologise. The griefing in the castle was in fact done prior to your peoning earlier, and I prematurely reached for the banhammer, too caught up in the other things I was seeing to simply look at the numbers right in front of me.

    I am sorry, and you are now unbanned.


    Thanks for being understanding. The castle was a temporary base when I first started, and someone had already started the terraforming trend, so i just did some more, as it had already been griefed (hence the signs). I added the cactus and lounge chairs, then moved on. I did come back to it, as it was the base i hid in while running from Funnyman. If the castle does belong to funnyman, I extend my apologies, and now understand his actions (although an explanation would have helped). The glass incident taught me not to enter peoples houses without their permission, and since then all has been fine with that. Thanks again

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