Yeah, well, I think I’ve had it with Diablo

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    The game isn’t fun anymore. There’s nothing to look up to. Legendary / set items suck, bots and Blizzard keep crippling this game. My character isn’t even level 60, and I couldn’t progress beyond 40 (I’m 50) without Auction House.


    You can pre order torchlight 2 (for 20 usd from steam) I expect it will be everything an arpg should be.

    They will have a mac version out shortly after pc, and if you pre order it for pc you get it free for mac as well as the first torchlight.


    I’ve tried Torchlight 1, was pretty enjoyable (though I’m not very interested in games like these so I didn’t play for very long).


    I lost interest in Diablo3 when I realized that the storyline wasn’t all that exciting and that beating it on the hardest mode would be a grind like none other.

    I’m considering buying Torchlight2, as I enjoyed the first version tremendously, but like Pyrotek I’m not a big arpg fan.

    What I’m really looking forward to is Guild Wars 2 though!


    I really wanted a Diablo-2-esque green/gold item drop high. Something to look for. Best items in the game. If I want that, I need to get to 60 and then spend a tonne of energy and time in AH. Fuck that.


    I’m relegating D3 to my “play occasionally” pile. It’s still fun to play through, but inferno’s a boring grind. I’ll probably slowly work on getting all the classes to 60.


    Sadly I was bored of it within the first week. Mainly due to the fact my internet tends to lag it a bit. Now, I look forward to The Heart Of The Swarm 😀


    This game is too easy, too easy getting the best set and items… time waste :c

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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