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    So, spy:
    I personally cannot stand using disguises manually; I prefer the Your Eternal Reward (hidden from killfeed, silent kill, take the disguise of the person you killed instantly) with the standard invisi watch.

    I was considering trying to use the standard disguise kit (I just want to try the spy-cicle :P) but cannot get used to fumbling around with controls.

    SO: Suggestions on how I can improve my spy-game?

    (And yes, I noticed the correlation between my name and the class I’m having difficulty with.)


    Make sure you’ve got the setting checked to make the disguise kit only use buttons 1-3. So to disguise as soldier, say, you do 1,2. Disguise as spy, do, 3,3.

    Or so I believe that’s how it works. Fracking spies.


    I could never get used to the 1 to 3 system, was too used to the 1 – 9 when they added it


    Hmm – what key does the 1-2-3 system use for changing teamset?

    (I’m assuming this is under advanced options; I’ll check it out next time I open up TF2)


    It takes a tad bit of time to get used to hitting the 3-3 or 3-2 quickly after backstabbing, but its when you have it memorized. Is when it gets fun.


    @Pyrotek wrote:

    Hmm – what key does the 1-2-3 system use for changing teamset?

    Same as default. You just need to change it to something handy.


    You’re all fools! Pressing B will change your spying World. It uses a random disguise I believe, if not that, your last disguise used. One of those, so Stab, B, Next target. However, I like the Eternal as well… just funner too bad you can’t have your cake and eat it too =(


    B uses your last disguise


    Poop gave me a tip that I loved! Map the “last disguise” button to your middle mouse button (or something that is similarly easy to reach) and it makes the whole process much smoother.


    Using last disguise has definitely been helpful; didn’t realize that button existed.

    I’m also getting used to using the 1-2-3 system, though I’m sure I’ll get bored of it before I’m used to it and switch back to YER awesomeness.


    How have I played 22 hours of spy and not known of the “b” button? Graaaaaaaaaaahhhh


    So…… Im pretty sure most of you know this but I’m a huge supporter of the dead ringer. 😈


    Dead Ringer is solid, but I prefer my standard invisi watch when I’m using the YER (which is almost always).

    I have had some really fun games with DR+YER, though.


    Spy is one of my favourite classes 🙂
    YER is extremely effective with the Saharan Spy set + Dead Ringer.

    I also recommend looking at Stabby’s Scripts (just search them up on the internet), they are handy scripts for the spy, such as hiding the viewmodel of the ambassador, which takes up half the screen when reloading.

    Another thing to improve your spy game is to learn how to detect and deal with paranoia, as the more you backstab, the more on-edge the enemy will be and they will be afraid to be backstabbed, and will check their backs and spycheck more often.
    An example of dealing with paranoia would be to wait until the enemy is in hard combat (Eg. heavy medic combo shooting at your teammates), then go for stabs, rather than go for stabs when the enemy is not in combat.
    If your team is paranoid, try to avoid friendly scouts on your team, as they can attract lots of attention. They will be using the same side routes you’ll be using to get around the enemy team, and this will draw more attention to your side routes.

    When you get your fundamentals of spy right (Eg. Spotting out a possible stab, learning about paranoia), you can learn the trickstabs. These are advanced stabs which are hard to pull off. I’m not sure if this is all of them but the ones I know are:

    Matador- Where you are front on against an enemy trying to melee you, you go one direction, they turn towards you, then you quickly dart to the side and stab them.

    Corner- Enemy chasing you, you wait at a corner, they round the corner, you dart to the side and stab them in the side.

    Stairstab- Enemy chasing you (yet again), you go up stairs, they follow, you leap backwards over them and stab them in the back.

    I’m not too good at describing them, you may have to look up youtube videos of the trickstabs for yourself.
    Good luck at playing spy!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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