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Direwolf20 Spawn V2

FTB Server Update

The server has been updated to the 1.12.2 FTB Revelations modpack version 2.7.0. This is a general modpack that does not have questing or progression changes, however it does have a wide variety of mods from tech to magic, and more. The server address is...

Server modpack updated

Good evening all, The modpack on the server has been updated today to FTB Continuum v1.5.2. Please update your clients accordingly  


I'd never thought I'd have to write one of these posts. But here we are. I have some sad news. One of our long time members, Dotlizard, has unfortunately passed away at age 57. There is little information on the circumstances surrounding her death but I understand...

Server Modpack

Good morning everyone. The server has been updated this morning to use FTB Continuum v1.4.1. This is a difficult modpack that should provide all players with a decent challenge. There are quests that guide you through the changes in the pack so you shouldn't get lost....

Server vote

Please vote on the following poll. Voting ends September 21, 2018