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Changes to ranks incoming

Hello everyone! You may have heard some rumours about the future of MCNSA, Some of them may be true! MCNSA and DMZ are merging which means there will be some changes in the way things run. DMZ will be taking over the survival server. They are a great team and will...

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Stats, Notes and Mod Requests

There has been some recent changes on the FTB server. Some of the old plugins we used to have are now back! The notes plugin (which gave you /stats) has been refreshed and ported over to sponge! It does mean that stats have only been tracking for about a week or so....

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AoE server outage 15/12/17

What happened? The server crashed due to an erroring chunk in the world. The server failed to restart after that crash. Why didn't the server restart itself? I forgot to restart the monitoring script after the last server issue How were things fixed? The erroring...

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