Server Ranks

Our players are given ranks in recognition of their time on the server which provides them with exciting perks to enhance their time on the server.

These ranks are shared between both MCNSA and DMZ, however, the rank perks are not due to differences between how the servers run.

If you think you are ready to be promoted to the next rank, Hit the “promotions” link at the top of this page and fill out the form!

Player Ranks

Upsilon -- This rank has been removed

The time-out rank. This player done goofed and are probably in jail. This is a temporary rank, while Psi and Omega come to a resolution for the player. This rank was called peon in the old MCNSA Ranks


Guest rank. This player is brand-new to the server, and only has very basic perms. They cannot leave spawn until they prove that they can understand basic English and agree to follow our rules. At that point, they are automatically ranked up to Mu (without Staff intervention needed) and allowed to explore the server.


New player. This was previously MCNSA’s Altar Boy rank. This rank is virtually the same with some very minor differences. Whether they’re just stopping by to sniff around or just starting their career on MCNSA, Mus are, you guessed it, the newest players on the block. It is the job of the higher ranks to make these guys feel as welcome as possible and promote a fun and safe environment for them to flourish into the potential Deltas they are. The only thing a Mu should be concerned with is surviving the first night and getting their hands on some tasty, tasty diamonds. Preferably not from someone else’s chests, mind you.


Was previously MCNSA’s Priest rank. Kappas are the bright young upstarts of the server. They may not know their right from their left yet, but they’re ready and willing to make their mark in the world, and have a good time while doing it. The ideal Kappa volunteers for anything, be it helping out on a community build, starting a small town or even helping an Staff member test the effects of that weird yellow drink they claim to be a “new potion recipe they’re working on”. Kappa is the “fun stuff” rank! This rank gets lots of fun toys to play with.


Advanced level player. This is a merging of MCNSA’s Elder and Cardinal ranks. Players who were previously Elders get a free promotion to Zeta. These guys have been around for a while. They can be easily identified by the wrinkles in their armpits and the thousand-yard stare — these guys have seen some shit, man. Zetas are the pillars of the community that everyone should aspire to be — they are warm and friendly, invite new players with open arms, help out with community events, and even come up with their own now and again!. You’ve just gotta ignore the faint smell of cabbage and wee.


Senior level player. Was MCNSA’s Bishops.Deltasare elite, yet humble. Passionate, yet calm and level-headed. Spontaneous, yet dependable. Crunchy, with a light, fluffy nougat center. They are a delight to be around, and they know the game of Minecraft and the ways of the server, inside and out. You don’t often see player ranks with privileges like these, because you don’t often see players like Deltas.


Not much is known about these players. Some say these players have amazing powers, others say that these players are just regular people. No one really knows as they are rarer than unicorns. Whoever is right, these players epitomise the idea of what an amazing player is. These players are the living embodiment of our community standards.

Staff Ranks



These are the retired staff. Previously MCNSA’s Arch Bishop. This rank is for former mods who either retired or wandered off. Phi will still have many of the fun perks that they enjoyed before, without the responsibilities of a Staff member.

Chi -- This rank has been removed


Builders. This is a new Rank. Will have all of the tools they already used as Staff members. They are considered part of our Staff. Chis will be expected to use their tools wisely when it comes to community builds, but also they may use them for fun on their own builds. Equal to Psi, but focused on building while Psi will focus on player moderation. Chis should avoid player moderation unless there is an emergency and they need to /jail or /mute a player.



The Player Moderator fork of our Staff. Previously Saints. You can usually find them congregating around small ponds and sheep pens, and can be easily startled. So don’t make any sudden moves until they trust you, then they’re all yours to help out with any queries or concerns! These guys are your first option if you have any problems, need help with something, or just want to show them what you’re working on. They’ll approve your towns and builds to go in special server warp hubs, and quietly keep an eye on players to see if they deserve a promotion they were too shy to ask for. If you were griefed or bullied, talk to a Psi. Think of them like that cool camp counselor you had in 4th grade.



Previously Templars. These are the big honchos. They are able to fix anything on the servers. They have access to all aspects of the server and are the last hope for any problems that Psis cannot solve. Their responsibility lies with the backend running of the server: configuring plugins and tracking down the lag. Usually found either AFKing in mid air, or flying through the sky.