Maboughey and Evil_K9 have the final say!

Griefing is not tolerated.
This includes surprise PVP (Killing someone without mutual consent), stealing items, and harassing another player.

Please build far away from spawn.
Buildings close to spawn are the most susceptible to griefers. If your house is too close to spawn, and it is griefed, the moderators are NOT going to help you. If your house is too close to spawn, it will be demolished for aesthetics’ sake.

Do not crowd buildings!
There’s enough room for everyone. If you build in a city, it is advised you follow the regulations the mayors of said cities impose on building. Moderators are not the ones to ask about city-related things (unless they own the city, of course.)

Default level players are allowed to build anywhere unless noted otherwise. Asking for a rank up will only DELAY your future promotion. Ranks are on a trust based system. Play with us, be helpful, and build something nice, and you’ll work your way up.

Moderators do not spawn items,
unless it is something you cannot get otherwise, as in nether-related blocks. You need something? Mine it yourself.

Be courteous to your peers!
Being an asshole doesn’t solve anything and will earn you a swift ban. We encourage you to help out, and be social.

Lastly, have fun!
We want everyone to have a good time!