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How To: Po8

Po8 is MCNSA’s home-grown economy plugin! Many of you may remember it fondly from a while back. While the concept is the same, the way it works is quite different.

1. Get Registered.

a. In game type `/po8 register` This is also what you will do if you forget your password and need to reset it.

You will receive a link just like this:

Po8 Register Link

Po8 Register Link

b. Click that link, Set your password.

Change your password

Change your password

2. Get some Po8 credit!

a. Place a chest, or use an existing empty one.

b. Stick some diamonds in there.

Some diamonds in a chest

Some diamonds in a chest

c. Use the command `/po8 deposit` (or `/po8 d` for short)

d. Left click the chest – You’ll get a “Deposit successful!” message.

Deposit chest

Deposit chest

e. Hop back to the web interface, and click “View your Po8 inventory!”

Po8 Home

Po8 Inventory

f. Click the diamonds in your inventory, and the item info screen will show you the buy price and sell price per diamond. I’m going to sell my 16 diamonds to the shop, and the shop will pay me 11,942.44 Po8 for them.

Po8 Item Info

Now I have some credit!

Po8 Sold

3. Auction some stuff!

a. Send some stuff to the P08 shop by putting it in a chest, and using the command `/po8 deposit`

I can even send┬ámy slightly damaged enchanted diamond sword! Don’t fear, if you’ve sent something you didn’t mean to you can get it back by using the command `/po8 withdraw` and click that chest again.

Po8 Send Items

Po8 Sent Items

Po8 Inventory Sword

b. From the inventory screen, click Auctions -> Create Auction

Po8 Auction

c. I’m going to auction my sword, and a stack of stone, because who wouldn’t want them both? I’ve chosen a starting price of 5000 – that’s the minimum it will sell for, and put in an optional buyout price. If someone hits that buyout price, they immediately win the auction. I’ve also chosen a duration of one hour. You can have it last up to 7 days. Your auction is summarized at the bottom.

Po8 Auction Items

d. If all is the way you want it, click Create Auction. You can see how it’s going by clicking Auctions -> My Auctions

4. Bid on an auction!

a. Go to Auctions -> Search Auctions

b. I’ve left the keywords blank, and clicked submit. This shows me all the auctions available.

Po8 all auctions

c. Looks like Megleris is selling some cobblestone super cheap! And I just so happen to need some. so I’ll bid. Click the auction you want.

d. He’s set the buyout price at 32 Po8, and I want to be sure I get it, so I’m going to bid 32.

Po8 auction bid

All the cobble belong to me!

Po8 auction win

6. Get your stuff into the game!

a. This part is easy. Get a chest with enough empty space in it to fit your Po8 inventory. If there isn’t enough room in a single chest that’s fine too! You can withdraw multiple times into different chests until your Po8 inventory is empty.

b. Use the command `/po8 withdraw` and left click that chest!

Po8 withdraw

b. I’ve now got the items I didn’t auction, plus the cobblestone that I won from Megleris!

Po8 withdrawn


Other Features:

You can send Po8 to other players just by knowing their in game name, from your inventory screen.

Po8 will send you messages if something happens on the site relating to your account. You can check it by using the command `/po8 messages view|clear`

You can check your balance in game any time with the command `/po8 balance`

How To: ProtectionCore

ProtectionCore is the GriefPrevention of Rainbow (the server mod we’re using). So, it’s the plugin you’ll need to use to protect your base.

Just like in GP, we’ve configured ProtectionCore to use a bone as its tool.

Step 1: Acquire a bone.

Got a bone

Got a bone

Step 2: Select a cube-shaped area. It has to be 3 dimensional, and a minimum of 5x5x5. I’ve used yellow wool to indicate the corners.

The whole area

The whole area

Step 3: LEFT CLICK to select position 1

Position 1

Position 1

Step 4: RIGHT CLICK to select position 2

Position 2

Position 2

Step 5: Use the command “/rg define <Region_Name>”

Define the region

Define the region

Note: We REQUIRE you to use your player name in the region name. This helps us make sense of things. You can do something like Evil_K9-Base, or Evil_K9_1, or similar. Regions WITHOUT a player name will be deleted, and you will be left without protection. Also, region names are case sensitive. “Evil_K9” is not the same as “evil_k9”.

You’ll see this if it worked correctly.



Adding a team mate.

Step 1: It’s pretty simple. /rg player <YourRegionName> member <ThePlayerYouWantToAdd>

Again, the region name is case sensitive. It won’t work if you don’t use the same capital letters.


You’ll get a message like this when it works.

Did it right!

Did it right!

Do the exact same command to remove that player from your region.


  • Set your border at least 1 block larger than whatever you want to protect.
  • Animals are not protected, build accordingly.