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Donations keep the server alive. We strive to keep things free to play, but the hardware to keep things running smoothly costs money.

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Our Servers

Vanilla Survival 1.8
FTB: Monster v1.1.1
FTB: Agrarian Skies
FTB: TPPI (Subscription)


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The Permanent Map has Come!

Bout friggen time, eh? We really hope you appreciate all the work that has gone in to this thing! Thanks to makedpotato, BeefyJerk, BBonif, and Geo54321! You’ll start inside this temple, and type /spawn to get back to it. Find your way around back to the market area to get your ONE TIME kits. There […]

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New Moderator!

Please welcome Geo54321 to our staff as a moderator! Geo has displayed all of the traits we look for in a moderator: helpful, friendly, loyal, courteous, and very involved with our community! View all of our current staff on the About/Staff page!

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Plugins are pretty limited so far, but we’ve got something! We’re using Rainbow (a modded server) which has its very own plugins. We WILL switch to Sponge when it becomes available and has the minimal amount of plugins. We’ll probably lose a few settings when we do that switch. You’ll just need to redo things […]

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New Website, Upcoming Map

We’ve been extreeeemely busy behind the scenes. Some of you wonder why I’m in game and afk so much. Well, the website is pretty much the reason. We’ve imported the forums into the new forum here, your user accounts too! You’ll find the login at the bottom of the page. Just use the same credentials […]

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