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Which type of worldgen would you like to see on the new Direwolf20 server?

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Donations keep the server alive. We strive to keep things free to play, but the hardware to keep things running smoothly costs money.

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Our Servers

Vanilla Survival 1.12
FTB: Direwolf20 1.10 v1.9.1


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A big thank you

I would like to take a minute to thank you all for making MCNSA the place that it is. An extra thank you goes to those who have supported the server and keep the lights on, without you, MCNSA would not still be running. Unfortunately, due to life and studies, I am unable to visit

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One Dot Nine – IT’S HERE!!!

What’s New Altarboy The good ol’ blue Altarboy rank is back. Once again you’ll see players progress from white Guest, blue Altarboy, and then yellow Priest. Remember to make the new folks feel at home 🙂 World Border The world border will start at the 5k’s, and will grow by 1000 blocks to match the

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Join us this Thursday for the Sculpting Contest!

  This week’s theme: SPACE This week’s prizes: HORSE ARMOR! 1st place gets diamond, 2nd gets gold, 3rd gets iron. REMEMBER: 1st place sculpture is displayed center-stage in the Build Hall and at spawn (location TBD)   The official build start time is 10 am on Thursday, but don’t worry, you can join in ANYTIME.

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[FTB] Time For A Party!

A TNT Party! Upon the scheduled reboot, at 2AM US Eastern time, April 1st, GriefPrevention will be disabled. TNT and redstone is free, courtesy of /kit BOOM If you manage to build your own nuke, go for it. They are now un-nerfed! And *when* you manage to crash the server, just wait a minute or

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How To: Po8

Po8 is MCNSA’s home-grown economy plugin! Many of you may remember it fondly from a while back. While the concept is the same, the way it works is quite different. Other Features: You can send Po8 to other players just by knowing their in game name, from your inventory screen. Po8 will send you messages

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