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[FTB/AoE] Are you ready for a map reset? Ends 16th January

  • No (50%, 4 Votes)
  • Yes (38%, 3 Votes)
  • Meh (13%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 8

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Donations keep the server alive. We strive to keep things free to play, but the hardware to keep things running smoothly costs money.

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Our Servers

Vanilla Survival 1.12! (s.mcnsa.com)
FTB: Direwolf20 1.12.2 v1.9.0! (ftb.mcnsa.com)
Mumble! (m.mcnsa.com)

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Stats, Notes and Mod Requests

There has been some recent changes on the FTB server. Some of the old plugins we used to have are now back!
The notes plugin (which gave you /stats) has been refreshed and ported over to sponge! It does mean that stats have only been tracking for about a week or so.

ModReq is also back. It’s a custom written plugin loosely based on the ModReq plugin for bukkit.
It allows you to notify Mods when you need special assistance such as if you found a bug etc.
It will also notify the mods on discord so even if there’s no mods in game, you should get help a little bit faster.

New Commands:


Player Commands

  • /stats – View your stats

Moderator Commands

  • /notes, /viewnotes [page]- View notes on player
  • /deletenote, /nd – Delete note with id
  • /note, /n – write a note about a player
  • /recentnotes, /rn [page] – View all notes starting from the most recent note
  • /stats <player> – View <Player’s> stats



Player Commands

  • /modreq <message> – Create a new mod reqest
  • /modreq list – Show all your mod requests

Mod Commands

() Indicates alternative command

  • /modreq mod open(vo) – Displays open mod requests
  • /modreq mod claimed(vc) – Displays mod requests that you have claimed
  • /modreq mod claim(c) <id> – Claim a mod request
  • /modreq mod unclaim(uc) <id> – Unclaim a mod request
  • /modreq mod teleport(tp) <id> – Teleport to a mod request location
  • /modreq mod escalate(e) <message> – Escalate a request to an admin
  • /modreq mod close(cl) <id> [Message] – Close a mod request
  • /modreq mod get(g) <id> – View mod request by id

Admin Commands

  • /modreq admin – View all escalated mod requests

AoE server outage 15/12/17

What happened?

The server crashed due to an erroring chunk in the world. The server failed to restart after that crash.

Why didn’t the server restart itself?

I forgot to restart the monitoring script after the last server issue

How were things fixed?

The erroring chunks were rolled back from backup to a version that was working (about a day) which only affected one small area of the world.  The monitoring scripts were also restarted.

Updates on the server

After yesterday’s issue with the server, there have been a couple of changes:

1. Backups

Server backups are now back in place. Once every 3 hours there is a backup. They have been checked and they are working.

2. Forestry blocks

There is no way to change the existing errored blocks. The worldborder has however, been changed to 22,00 blocks wide (up from 16,000). You will be able to find new blocks outside of the old word border.


Debrief: Server Crashes 5th December

You may have noticed that the server was starting and stopping constantly earlier today.

So what happened?

There was a tile entity in the mining world that was causing the server to crash when it was started. Our monitoring services picked this up and kept trying to restart the server.

Fixing the error

The erroring tile entity was removed from the server once it was found.

Forestry blocks, what happened to them?

In the process of trying to find, and fix, the cause of the server crash a configuration option was enabled to allow the server to replace erroring tile entities automatically, this did not work however.
I am of the opinion that this option replaced the forestry blocks

Please generate new terrain to find new forestry blocks

But wheres your backups?

Due to the recent server move, there has been some issues with the backups due to using a different backup storage location. We are currently in the process of sorting these issues out.

What have we learnt from this?

  1. Our monitoring service works to restart the server when it is down
  2. We need to have a way to notify the relevant people when the monitors fail to restart the server
  3. The config option will never be used again
  4. We need to focus on getting backups working properly again.

A big thank you

I would like to take a minute to thank you all for making MCNSA the place that it is. An extra thank you goes to those who have supported the server and keep the lights on, without you, MCNSA would not still be running.

Unfortunately, due to life and studies, I am unable to visit and play on the server, but I have heard great things about the people that play on the server and make it what it is now.

I never thought that MCNSA would still be running. It’s been over 5 years since the server was started, not many servers last as long as we have. We have had many different heads of the server, each one bringing something new but, at the same time, keeping the core principles of the server alive. Life always happens, but MCNSA lives on thanks to those who step up to the mark.

You, the player, are the most important thing to the server, you, after all, are the community. Thanks to every one of you for making the community what it is.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I took over ownership of MCNSA. Even though I am not around, my role devolved to just paying the bills, I always like to keep track on what’s going on with the server.

I’d like to personally thank the admin staff for being there when I cannot. Without you guys, the server wouldn’t be updated and problems wouldn’t be solved.

To everyone, keep the server great and let’s see if we can get to 10 years.



One Dot Nine – IT’S HERE!!!

What’s New


The good ol’ blue Altarboy rank is back. Once again you’ll see players progress from white Guest, blue Altarboy, and then yellow Priest. Remember to make the new folks feel at home 🙂

World Border

The world border will start at the 5k’s, and will grow by 1000 blocks to match the top number of concurrent players on the server. So if 10 players are on together today, the border will grow to 10k in each direction, but not shrink ever. This means if you want a world border to make it to 50k, you’ll need to encourage 50 people to get on the server together! Of course, the max border possible is still 60k in each direction.

Tiered Towns

Towns can achieve different tiers with different perks. You are encouraged to build your own settlements and actually make them look decent. Paths, fountains, common areas, and purpose-built buildings are encouraged. These requirements and perks are still under development, but should give you a few goals. Remember when you choose your location for a town, to give your self room for growth without bumping into any neighbors!

Tier 1:

  • Requirements:
    • Must have a “rule board”, this is entirely up to the town owner, can’t conflict with server rules
    • Town must have a “theme” (ie Western, Medieval, Beach), again this is entirely up the owner/mayor
    • Have at least 1 “public” building (i.e. Town Hall)
    • Have at least 2 primary residents (not including mayor)
    • Each player can only have 1 “primary residence” when it comes to counting towards town qualification
    • Must have a residence within the town that follows the rules/theme of said town
  • Perks:
    • Worldguard message when entering/exiting the town
    • A sign in the “Town Directory” at spawn (if you want it)
    • Worldguarded region that doesn’t count against your claim blocks
    • A potion effect within the town limits, such as jump boost, speed, etc.

Tier 2:

  • Requirements:
    • Have at least 3 public buildings, (Town Hall, Blacksmith, Bakery, etc) and 1 statue/fountain of some sort (not a thing like a public “mine” or “farm”, needs to be an actual structure”)
    • Have at Least 5 primary residents not including mayor
  • Perks:
    • Gets a warp at spawn that only members can use (or a /warp that only members can use)
    • Better potion/beacon effect within the region
    • Bigger WorldGuard Region

Tier 3:

  • Requirements:
    • A warp pad where people can go to/from spawn from within the town
    • Have at least 5 buildings and at least 1 “shop” that is run by a player inside the town ( i.e. emeralds for bread or the like)
    • Have at least 9 primary residents not including mayor
  • Perks:
    • Warp pad to and from spawn that anyone can use
    • 2 Potion effects within the region at the same “level” as Tier 2
    • BIGGER WorldGuard Region

New Donor Perk To Be Announced!

Join us this Thursday for the Sculpting Contest!



This week’s theme: SPACE

This week’s prizes: HORSE ARMOR!

1st place gets diamond, 2nd gets gold, 3rd gets iron.

REMEMBER: 1st place sculpture is displayed center-stage in the Build Hall and at spawn (location TBD)


The official build start time is 10 am on Thursday, but don’t worry, you can join in ANYTIME. All late-comers are welcome.

Be sure to finish your masterpiece by Sunday at 7 pm though, because the judging will happen whether you’re ready or not.

There are some exciting events coming to MCNSA! Check it out!

Hello, fellow MCNSAer, I’m KeyOfRed, formerly JuliaRose430. It’s been a while since we’ve had consistent events on this server, but things are about to change. Prepare your butter- pants for games, games, and more games!


The weekly sculpting contest is back! If you like to get creative, join us each week at the Build Hall from Thursday mornings 10am EST to Sunday evenings 7pm EST and build your masterpiece. Each week will have its own unique theme and building materials. Judging will take place at 7pm EST on each Sunday and will be carried out by your various trustworthy moderators. The winner will see their sculpture displayed at spawn, as well as win a prize. 2nd and 3rd place winners will earn a prize as well. This event requires a rank of Priest+. Let me or another online moderator know if you’d like a plot and we’ll get you set up.

The first sculpting contest will begin Thursday January 14th at 10am EST!


Every Friday night we will be in the Game World playing any one of the following games: Falling Sand, Spleef, Thimble, TNT Run, Connect 4 (okay this one isn’t in the Game World), or Dice. We will play several rounds, and the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) will earn a prize. If you get tired of playing the big group games, you can have a try at the parkour course, the mini golf course, or the maze. You can even visit the Staff Statues while in the Game World and get to know the people in charge. Stroll on over to Sand Falls Village (Coming Soon) and check out the lake and the night club. Or ride all the roller coasters scattered about the area!

The first game will be Friday January 15th at 9pm EST!


Don’t miss out on our new event: DrunkCraft! On the last Friday of every month, the usual choice of game will be played as usual, but consumption of alcohol is highly encouraged (but not required)!

Disclaimer: you are still responsible for your actions while under the influence of alcohol. Any rule breaking that occurs will be dealt with in the standard fashion. We are in no way condoning underage drinking. Please drink responsibly.

The first official DrunkCraft will be Friday January 29th at 9pm EST!


A bi-monthly (that means twice a month) fishing tournament will be starting as well! The fishing poles will be provided, and the rules will change every tournament. Sometimes the goal will be to catch the most fish, sometimes to catch the most of a certain type, and sometimes to catch the most non-fish items! Perhaps the locations may change as well. Prizes go to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Join us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month at 8pm EST to enter the tournament.

The first fishing tournament will be Wednesday January 20th at 8pm EST! (This is the week after next)


The information about each game will be posted here on the MCNSA website (mcnsa.com), on the reddit page (reddit.com/r/mcnsa), and on the Facebook page (facebook.com/groups/mcnsa), so remember to check those every week to find out the details of each event. Spread the word to all your MCNSA friends!


Feedback about the MCNSA events is welcome and encouraged! Please let us know what you like and what could be better at mcnsa.com/forums/ in the feedback section (click the forums button at the top). These games are here for YOU to enjoy and we want you to have the best experience we can provide.