Geo54321 has written a custom plugin to provide a more polished playing experience for existing features and even some new ones! This will be an overview of the features provided by the plugin, for all of the gritty details take a look at the Github pages.

  • GeoPlugin - GeoKeeper, playtime and staff stuff
  • GeoExtras - Harvest, extra growing, scythes, magnets, zoomies, and chat stuff



An XP storage replacement for XPKeeper. You can interface with this in game with /geokeeper. Some notable features include:

  • Ability to store and withdraw specific numbers of levels not just multiples of 5 like XPKeeper
  • Some of all of your XP storing automatically on death (must be Kappa+)
  • XP stored leaderboard. /geokeeper top
Right Click Harvest

If you have played modded Minecraft before this might be familiar. This feature allows you to right click a fully grown crop and it will harvest and replant the crop automatically. Right click harvest will work with the following crop types:

  • Wheat
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Beetroots
  • Nether Warts

Another feature that will be familiar to those who have played modded before. These magnets will increase your pickup range while you have the magnet item in your off-hand. A few quick notes is magnet will only work while you are moving, and not while you are sneaking. There are two variants, weak and strong, with 2 and 4 block radiuses respectively. The valid materials for each are as follows:

  • Weak: Rabbit Foot, Heart of the Sea, Ghast Tear, and Nautilus Shell
  • Strong: Enchanted Golden Apple (Notch Apple), Nether Star, and Netherite Ingot

Zoomies are another artifact like similar to magnets however instead of increasing your pickup range, they give you a speed boost while sprinting. Unlike the magnets that need to be in your off-hand to function, having it anywhere in your inventory will provide the effect. There are three variants, weak, strong and giga, with speed 1, speed 2, and speed 5 effects respectively. The valid materials for each are as follows:

  • Weak - Feather
  • Strong - Blaze Powder
  • Giga - Powered Rail
Shear Scythes

You can more easily clear away grass with the new shear scythes. If you are holding a pair of shears in either you left or right hand and left or right click grass it will clear all other grass within a 9x9 area centered on the block your clicked.

Other Features

There are quite a few other smaller features, here are a couple:

  • Random number generator - /rng
  • Show your love for everyone, or a specific someone - /heart (name)
  • Poggers - /pog
  • BlameGeo! - /blamegeo
  • Spontaneous Combustion - /explode

Games World

We have created a world with multiple mini-games that you can take part in. Some games will require a staff member to run, so keep tuned for mini-game nights!


Coming Soon™

Custom Recipes

Thanks to CMI we have created some custom recipes that you can check out below


  • Rotten Flesh > Leather
  • Iron Horse Armor > Iron Ingots
  • Gold Horse Armor > Gold Ingots
  • Diamond Horse Armor > Diamonds
  • Any Quartz Variant Block > Quartz Block
  • Any Wood Stair Recipe > 6 Stairs
  • Any Wood Trapdoor Recipe > 6 Trapdoors
  • Logs > Sticks
  • Logs > Chests