Minecraft Servers

Vanilla Survival 1.14.4

Address: s.mcnsa.com

Difficulty: Normal

Description: DMZ has a fantastic community of players, close friends, and helpful people. Some have been here for years, and some only a few days. This is the place to find community projects, towns, teamwork, games, and tons more!

FTB Stoneblock 2 v1.10.0

Address: ftb.mcnsa.com

Difficulty: Normal

Description: Kind of like Skyblock but instead of the void there is just stone. Lots and lots of stone.

FTB Revelations v3.0.1

Address: ftb.mcnsa.com:25564

Difficulty: Normal

Description: A little bit of everything when it comes to minecraft mods from magic to technology. If you dislike the grind, automate it!

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