Greetings Fellow Travellers

It is that time again! We have a new modded server for y'all to enjoy! This time around we have a custom Pixelmon modpack that has a little bit of everything in it. A touch of tech, a smidge of magic, with a side helping of exploration, decoration and more. Some notable included mods are: Tech: Create, Refined Storage, FTB Industrial Contraptions, Industrial Foregoing, and Draconic Evolution Magic: Astral Sorcery, Botania, Magical Psi, and Theurgy Exploration: Atum 2, Twilight Forest, and Blue Skies Other: Botany Pots (these works for the apricorns needed for crafting pokeballs), Farmer's Delight, Chisels & Bits, and some furniture and decorative block mods

Modpack Setup

Attached is the modpack profile that you can import with the CurseForge launcher or most alternatives like Prism, MultiMC, etc. If you are not familiar with the import process, on the curse launcher you click the "Create Custom Profile" button and then select the hyperlinked text that says "import" at the top and select the zip file. From there it will download the correct version of forge and the mods for the pack.

A Couple Quirks

If you are having any crashing issues try disabling Oculus and Rubidium in the modlist, they make the pack run smoother but they may cause issues on some hardware.

There is a shader included in the pack, you can disable it in Video Settings > Shader Packs and toggling the shaders at the top. If your framerate is low, disabling the shaders will greatly improve it.

Another small quirk in-game is vanilla mob spawners will now spawn pixelmon instead of vanilla hostile mobs due to how pixelmon spawns work. This is fine for everything other than a couple areas in the twilight forest. The lich towers now give a new kind of challenge with packs of rabid pokemon instead of zombies and skeletons.

The server address is:

Hope to see y'all there!

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