We're adding new features! Yayyy! (unless otherwise specified all new features are for all players)

Kits babeyyyyy! One fucking grass block kit (cooldown of 45 minutes)
Custom Recipes 3x3 rotten flesh to leather! (More custom recipes to come promises)
Right click harvest - To harvest your crops just right click and it will automatically be replanted! This does not add the effect of fortune though, so if you want to fortune your crops you must still left click and break them.
Toggling visibility on BlueMap - If you no longer want to be shown to our other players on BlueMap you can now use /bmpc as a toggle off or on. Please note by default you are visible on the map!
OMG SHOPS ARE LIVE - take a look in spawn past all the buildings in the event square!
New XpKeeper (This feature is Mu+)
"New XpKeeper? Our old one was fine!" [the old XpKeeper]: 🔥 🧓 🔥
So yes, Geo has gone ahead and made our own XP keeper with some new features as well! This XP keeper will be only be through commands in chat, no longer will you have to go to a sign and right click! Instead it shall be /geokeeper store [amount] or /geokeeper retrieve [amount]
You can also display how much you currently have with /geokeeper.

New specific GeoKeeper features:
For Kappa 25% of your XP will be saved upon death. For Zeta 50% of your XP will be saved upon death. Finally, for Delta+ 100% of your XP will be saved upon death. The saving upon death means whatever percentage will automatically be deposited into your GeoKeeper.

We are creating two levels of magnets weak and strong! Magnets only work while it is in your off hand and when you are moving [so you are able to drop items to another player]. If you don't want to pick up items you can crouch or remove it from your offhand.

  • Weak magnets are for Kappa+ and have a range of 2 blocks. These items can be traded in for weak magents: Rabbit's Foot, Heart of the Sea, Ghast Tear, and Nautilus Shell.
  • Strong magnets are for Delta+ and have a range of 4 blocks. These items can be traded in for strong magnets: Notch Apple, Nether Star, Netherite Ingot.

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