Henlo folks of people who read my posts! It's time for another set of changes that have been made:

  • Player homes have been adjusted again. We have increased homes for Zeta+. It now goes as follows Zeta 6 -> 8, Delta 8 -> 12, Phi :) if you know you know
  • This change was due to the concern of being a beacon for players in lower ranks if you are a higher rank playing with them.
  • As such we have increased the homes for players of higher ranks. We also discussed as admins what kind of homes players would make and thought an increased number was necessary.
  • We are aware of the issue of creepers only doing block damage in claims. Yes you heard that right. It is very silly but plugins are old and silly so we're working on the fix but it isn't fixed yet. We highly recommend that you protect your chests from creepers while we are working to fix it.
  • We are now testing a new XpKeeper replacement. XpKeeper has been jank since the update due to signs being able to be edited in vanilla with right click. Geo has gone ahead and wrote a plugin that would be based in chat, with other features that have yet to be announced due to testing features first. When that is complete we will go ahead and make another post discussing those changes!
  • Reverting block types. There was also a call for the option of changing items that were crafted into a state back into their original state (ex: quartz pillars back into regular quartz blocks). It is actually very simple through the plugins to create custom recipes to change those items back into original block states so please look forward to that.

Thank you all for your feedback.

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