The 1.20 Update is here!

We are on version 1.20.1 already! The main features of the 1.20 update include: A new biome called the Cherry Blossom Grove. As well as a new structure, the ability to add trim to your armour, new mobs, including camels and the sniffer. And of course a bunch of new blocks and items.


The Live Map is Returning! We are now using the BlueMap plugin to provide a live web map like we used to with dynmap. This plugin has more features than dynmap including the ability to go into a spectator like mode where you fly around the map.

We are making a couple changes behind the scenes to get this working and expect it to be ready for use next weekend. This will be the website to access the map at, once it is up and running:

Server Upgrade The hardware for the server has gotten a major upgrade, so server performance should be even better than it was before!

Hope to see you there!

Server Address:

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