Hello friends! This is an update to tell you all the things that we've been working on behind the scenes:
1) Discord - You may have noticed some changes in the discord, we've converted the server into a community discord! This probably won't mean much in terms of existing members besides some new shiny buttons. Mostly discord will help us out monitoring chats and you'll also have to accept our newly posted rules in order to join the server.

2) New Spawn! That's right the temp spawn is gone and we've now moved to a new Japanese style spawn to go along with cherry blossoms and bamboo this update! There is a new maze for you to complete, as well as the warps and waystones building. ("Sunshine what's a waystone?" I'll get to that..). Shops will be open soonTM as well and we'll most likely drop a ping when that is complete.

3) Warps - Warps as the same as they've been in other maps for the most part. There will be warps for community farms/grinders, but we're also trying to encourage players to make towns/cities. In the south side of the warps building explains what constituents a town or city as well as perks you'll get for creating them.

4) Waystones are a new feature, much like the teleportation things in modded minecraft these will teleport you 5,000 blocks out around the map in all directions (including diagonals!). I'd personally recommend if you are going to utilize waystones to bring a boat since sometimes you will be in just ocean. We find waystones are a good way to balance more exploration with fast travel while also encouraging players to go on foot. This also encourages the creation of more warps of towns/cities deeper in the maps so players can also have convivence of the fast travel system.

5) Map an update for the https://map.mcnsa.com/ map. We are still waiting on the domain switch but once that is complete we will be sure to let you know ASAP.

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