Below are the detailed update logs for changes made to the servers.

For the abbreviated versions, you can follow the #announcements channel on the Discord.

Greetings Fellow Travellers

It is that time again! We have a new modded server for y'all to enjoy! This time around we have a custom Pixelmon modpack that has a little bit of everything in it. A touch of tech, a smidge of magic, with a side helping of exploration, decoration and more. Some notable...

Howdy y'all!

We have a quick poll we are running about the modded server, you can find it at the link below. It's a couple brief questions about the current and next modpacks. I would really appreciate getting y'all's opinions for the next pack!

The new modded server is live!

This time around we are playing on the Create Arcane Engineering modpack. This modpack revolves around the automation mod Create, and it heavily ties in multiple magic mods. This is a quest-based progression pack similar to something like FTB Infinity Evolved, or S...