Below are the detailed update logs for changes made to the servers.

For the abbreviated versions, you can follow the #announcements channel on the Discord.

Old map downloads are now available!

Will has kindly set up a small CDN for us to host the old map files publicly. The map files that we still had around are already available for download. Moving forward every sdot and modded map will become available for download shortly after they have been ret...

Greetings Fellow Travellers

It is that time again! We have a new modded server for y'all to enjoy! This time around we have a custom Pixelmon modpack that has a little bit of everything in it. A touch of tech, a smidge of magic, with a side helping of exploration, decoration and more. Some notable...

Howdy y'all!

We have a quick poll we are running about the modded server, you can find it at the link below. It's a couple brief questions about the current and next modpacks. I would really appreciate getting y'all's opinions for the next pack!

The new modded server is live!

This time around we are playing on the Create Arcane Engineering modpack. This modpack revolves around the automation mod Create, and it heavily ties in multiple magic mods. This is a quest-based progression pack similar to something like FTB Infinity Evolved, or S...

Now we need some help from you!

That's right, you! We are wanting to get some general feelings you [the player base] have!
So please if you would fill out this form:
We [the moderation team] would greatly appreciate it ❤️

We're adding new features! Yayyy! (unless otherwise specified all new features are for all players)

Kits babeyyyyy! One fucking grass block kit (cooldown of 45 minutes)
Custom Recipes 3x3 rotten flesh to leather! (More custom recipes to come promises)
Right click harvest - To harvest your...

Henlo folks of people who read my posts! It's time for another set of changes that have been made:

  • Player homes have been adjusted again. We have increased homes for Zeta+. It now goes as follows Zeta 6 -> 8, Delta 8 -> 12, Phi :) if you know you know
  • This change was due to the concern of...

The Live Map is Live!

You can access the live map at:

Sunshine_Solone has been pulled up to Omega! She has been helping out a lot this update both with the current spawn build as well as other things behind the scenes. She lead the upgrades to the discord and has been helping out with some decisions around some features we are looking to implement soo...

Hello friends! This is an update to tell you all the things that we've been working on behind the scenes:
1) Discord - You may have noticed some changes in the discord, we've converted the server into a community discord! This probably won't mean much in terms of existing members besides some n...

The 1.20 Update is here!

We are on version 1.20.1 already! The main features of the 1.20 update include: A new biome called the Cherry Blossom Grove. As well as a new structure, the ability to add trim to your armour, new mobs, including camels and the sniffer. And of course a bunch of new blocks...